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Personalized books by Smart Story

Back in childhood, we all used to imagine ourselves being the main character of our favorite fairy-tale, that one with the courageous princes and charming princesses, piles of teeming treasures, and adventures on the way to find them.

Those childhood dreams inspired us to create the Smart Story: a world where a child can be entirely unique, and form human’s best traits.

Children have their own distinctive ability to see, think and even feel. And the best thing we can do for them is to strengthen those abilities of our small geniuses, rather than replace them with anything else.

At Smart Story we create tales that unfold a vast world of possibilities to a child, developing their creative thinking, a sense of their own uniqueness, and encouraging them to their first, and yet so important, achievements. Our books are a challenge for every curious little one who, not yet being aware of it, in every way strives to learn their own personality and gain confidence.