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Angry Birds Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What is the name of the leader of the Angry Birds?
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Which Angry Bird can speed up mid-air when tapped?
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Which bird has the ability to explode?
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Which bird can drop explosive eggs?
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What are the names of the three blue birds that can split into three?
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Jim, Jake, and Jay (The Blues)
Which large bird is known for its immense strength and silent nature?
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Who is the green bird that comes back like a boomerang?
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What is the name of the pink bird who can trap objects in bubbles?
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Which mythical bird can be summoned to clear entire levels?
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Mighty Eagle

Cool Facts About Angry Birds

From Game to Fame: Angry Birds started as a simple mobile game in 2009. It became super popular and turned into cartoons, movies, and even toys!

Green Piggies: The enemies in the game are green pigs. The birds are angry at them because they stole their eggs.

Global Love: Angry Birds became so famous that it's been downloaded billions of times all around the world.

Movie Stars: The Angry Birds became so popular that they made two movies about their adventures.

Space Adventure: There's even a version of Angry Birds set in space, where you have to think about gravity on different planets!

Special Editions: Angry Birds has special editions for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, and even some based on movies like "Star Wars".

Happy coloring!

We hope you had a blast coloring the Angry Birds and those mischievous green pigs!

You've brought the exciting world of these feathery friends and their rivals to life with your amazing colors. Remember, every picture you colored is like a part of the Angry Birds' adventurous story, created by you.

We can't wait to see how you color your next adventure. Keep slinging those crayons and markers for more colorful fun! 🐦🖍️🎉