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Boat Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What do you call a boat that can go underwater?
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A submarine
What do you call the front end of a boat?
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The bow
What do you call left and right when you’re on a boat?
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Port (left) and starboard (right)
What powers a sailboat?
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What do you call the tools you use to row a boat?
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What do you call the special flag pirates used to fly on their ships?
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The Jolly Roger
True or false: there were both men and women pirates.
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Facts about Boats

  • Boats have been used for travel for thousands of years.
  • Boats that are very large and can travel long distances are referred to as ships.
  • The main body of a boat is called the hull.
  • There are three main categories of boats. Boats are grouped into these categories based on how they’re powered. Boats can be powered by humans, sails, or motors. Boats powered by humans include canoes, rowboats, and kayaks. Boats powered by sails are usually called sailboats and can be very small or very large in size. Boats powered by motors are often called motorboats. The motor can be inside or outside the boat.
  • Generally, women weren’t allowed on pirate ships, but some decided to dress up like men to join ships or command their own crews.
  • Blackbeard was one of the most well-known and feared pirates of his time. His real name was Edward Teach.

Bon voyage!

These boat coloring pages are the perfect way to spend an afternoon by the sea. With a variety of scenes to choose from, there’s something for all different types of seafarers. Whether you prefer cruising down a river or sailing over the ocean’s waves, these coloring pages will take you on the journey of your choosing. Don’t forget that even pirates can have an artistic side.

We created these coloring pages specially for all of you sailors to enjoy. All you need to do is download and print your favorite boat scenes, and you’re ready to explore the high seas.