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Encanto Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What is the name of the magical house where the Madrigal family lives?
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Which character in "Encanto" has the magical ability to heal people with food?
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Julieta Madrigal
What is Mirabel's gift in the movie?
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Mirabel does not have a magical gift.
Who in the Madrigal family can talk to animals?
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Antonio Madrigal
Which family member has the ability to shape-shift?
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Camilo Madrigal
What is the name of the song that plays when Mirabel is trying to understand her place in the family?
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Waiting on a Miracle
Which character is able to control the weather with their emotions?
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Pepa Madrigal
What is the special ability of Isabela, Mirabel's older sister?
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She can make flowers bloom.
Who is the mysterious uncle of the family, often spoken about in hushed tones?
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Bruno Madrigal

Cool Facts About "Encanto"

Magical House: In "Encanto" the Madrigal family lives in a magical house called Casita. This house is alive! It can move, change shape, and even has its own personality.

Mirabel's Uniqueness: Unlike her family members, Mirabel doesn't have a magical gift, but she turns out to be the hero of the story. This shows that you don't need magic to be special or make a big difference.

Talking to Animals: Antonio, the youngest in the Madrigal family, can talk to animals. Imagine having a chat with a toucan or a jaguar!

Songs by a Famous Writer: The catchy songs in "Encanto" were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the music for "Hamilton" and "Moana." That's why the songs are so fun to sing along to!

Inspired by Colombia: The movie is inspired by the beautiful country of Colombia in South America. The clothes, music, and scenery in "Encanto" show a lot of Colombian culture.

Super Strong Sister: Luisa, Mirabel's sister, has super strength. She can lift just about anything, even donkeys!

Flower Power: Isabela, another of Mirabel's sisters, can make flowers bloom instantly. Imagine if you could make your garden grow just by waving your hand!

Unique Animation: "Encanto" uses a special style of animation that makes the characters and the world look extra colorful and lively.

Happy coloring! 🌈🖍️🎨

We hope you had a fantastic time coloring the enchanting world of "Encanto"! Each page you colored brought the magical Madrigal family and their amazing home to life in your own special way. Remember, just like Mirabel shows us, everyone has their own unique magic inside them.