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Frozen Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What unique power does Elsa have in Frozen?
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The ability to create ice and snow.
What is Anna's main goal in the movie?
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To find her sister Elsa and bring her back to Arendelle.
What is the name of Kristoff's loyal reindeer friend?
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What is the name of the kingdom where Elsa and Anna live?
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What does Elsa create when she flees Arendelle?
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An ice castle.
What is the Duke of Weselton often mistakenly called?
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The Duke of Weaseltown.
Why do the gates of Arendelle open at the beginning of the movie?
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For Elsa's coronation.

Icy Cool Facts About Frozen  

Sisters at the Center: The story of Frozen is mainly about two sisters, Elsa and Anna. They show that sisterly love is really strong.

Magical Powers: Elsa, the older sister, has magic powers to create snow and ice. That's how she makes her beautiful ice castle!

A Talking Snowman: There's a funny snowman named Olaf who loves warm hugs. Elsa's magic accidentally brings him to life.

Arendelle: That's the name of the kingdom where Elsa and Anna live. It's a pretty place with mountains, forests, and a big fjord.

Famous Songs: Frozen has some really famous songs, like "Let It Go", which is all about being yourself and free.

Kristoff and Sven: Kristoff is an ice harvester and his best friend is a reindeer named Sven. They help Anna on her adventure.

Hidden Talents: Anna might not have magic like Elsa, but she is brave, strong, and really good at climbing and jumping.

"Let It Go" And Have Fun 

We hope you had a wonderful time coloring with Elsa, Anna, and their friends in the magical world of Frozen!

Each color you added made Arendelle and its adventures even more special. Remember, just like Elsa and Anna show us, there's no limit to what you can create when you use your imagination.