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Hello Kitty Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What is Hello Kitty's full name?
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Kitty White
Does Hello Kitty have a twin sister, and if so, what is her name?
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Yes, her twin sister's name is Mimmy.
What are the names of Hello Kitty's parents?
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Mary White (Mama) and George White (Papa).
What kind of pet does Hello Kitty have and what is its name?
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A pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.
What is Hello Kitty's favorite food?
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Apple pie.
On which ear does Hello Kitty traditionally wear her bow?
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Left ear.
What is one of Hello Kitty's favorite hobbies?
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Baking cookies.
Where was Hello Kitty born?
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In the suburbs of London.
In what year was Hello Kitty created?
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Hello Kitty Cool Facts

Full Name: Hello Kitty's full name is Kitty White.

No Mouth: Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth! This is because her creator wanted people to project their feelings onto the character and "be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."

Loves Apple Pie: Her favorite food is her mom's homemade apple pie.

A Twin Sister: Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy. You can tell them apart because Mimmy wears her bow on her right ear, while Hello Kitty wears hers on her left.

Family Members: Her parents are George and Mary White, and she has a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.

Birthday: Hello Kitty's birthday is on November 1st.

Height and Weight: Interestingly, Hello Kitty is described as being as tall as five apples and as heavy as three apples.

A Star Since 1974: Hello Kitty was created in 1974, which means she's been a beloved character for decades!

Happy coloring! 🌈🎨🐱💕

We hope you had a wonderful time coloring in the world of Hello Kitty! You've brought life and joy to each page with your beautiful colors, making Hello Kitty and her friends shine even brighter.