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Hippo Quiz

Test your knowledge!

Where do hippos live?
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What’s a hippo’s favorite food?
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Are hippos good swimmers?
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What do you call a group of hippos?
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A herd
True or false: hippos are bigger than elephants.
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True or false: a hippo can outrun a human.
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What do you call a female hippo?
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A cow

Facts about Hippos

  • Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals. That means they like to hang out in the water, but they don’t spend all their time there. Swimming around all day helps hippos stay cool. Having their ears, eyes, and noses on top of their heads lets them stay almost completely underwater while still being able to see and breathe. If they do go underwater, they can hold their breath for five minutes.
  • Hippos are the second largest land animal. Elephants are the largest. Hippos can weigh as much as 7,000 lbs, which is about how much three small cars weigh.
  • The word hippopotamus means “water horse” in Greek.
  • Hippos mostly stay in the water to protect themselves from the sun. If they’re caught out of the water, their skin releases an oil that acts like a natural sunscreen. Usually, they stay in the water until the sun goes down. Then they travel onto land to eat.

Hang out with these happy hippos

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