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Love Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What color do most people associate with love?
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What holiday is all about celebrating love?
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Valentine’s Day
What’s the symbol for love?
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A Heart
True or false: love is good for your health.
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What kind of flower do people usually buy each other on Valentine’s Day?
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What’s the name of the winged character who carries a bow and arrow and makes people fall in love?
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What do you call the heart shaped candy with messages on it that people give each other on Valentine’s Day?
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Facts about Love

  • Love is a wonderful emotion that you can feel for lots of different people and things. You might love your family, or you friends, or your significant other. You might even love a hobby or a pet!
  • Love can be hard to understand, but there are actual chemical reactions in your brain when you feel love. Those reactions can make you feel happy, reduce stress, and even help you live longer.
  • Lots of works of art have been created on the subject of love. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous works created about love.
  • Animals can even fall in love! Seahorses, bald eagles, beavers, and many other animals will pick one partner to spend their whole lives with.
  • Valentine’s Day is a big day for sending flowers and candy to people you love. On average, 35 million boxes of chocolates and 50 million roses are gifted for that special day each year.

Fall in love

Love is something we all share. Whether you love your family, your pets, or your best friend, these coloring pages are the perfect way to celebrate that warm and fuzzy feeling.

While kids will adore the cute and cuddly animals, adults will love the intricate flower and heart designs. We’ve made these coloring pages so there’s something for all types of budding artists. It’s a great way to spend some quality creative time with the whole family.

Choose your favorite love-filled scenes and easily print them out for free. All you need to bring is your most-loved art supplies, your creativity, and your big heart.