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Moon Quiz

Test your knowledge!

How many moons does Earth have?
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What do you call the path the moon travels around the Earth?
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The orbit
What do you call the moon phase when the moon is completely lit up and looks like a circle?
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Full moon
What do you call the moon phase when the moon is completely dark and seems invisible?
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New moon
True or false: we only ever see one side of the moon from Earth.
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True or false: there’s no gravity on the moon.
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What effect does the moon’s gravitational pull have on our oceans?
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Facts about the Moon

  • The moon is about a quarter of the size of Earth. But it’s still pretty big. If you wanted to travel all the way around the moon, you’d need to go 6,783 miles.
  • The moon might seem close to us, but it’s really far away from Earth. You’d have to travel about 238,857 miles to reach it.
  • It takes 27.3 days for the moon to complete its path all the way around the Earth.
  • The moon looks so bright because it reflects the sun’s light. It doesn’t produce any light on its own.
  • The moon has lots of different phases depending on how the sun’s light hits it. These include full moon, new moon, crescent moon, and more.
  • There’s a big range of temperatures on the moon. It can get as hot as 260 degrees F or as cold as -280 degrees F.

Shoot for the moon

These imaginative moon coloring pages are a great way to get creative whether it’s a sunny day or a moon filled night. Show off your artistic talent by coloring in these beautiful space scenes. You’ll find images of the moon alongside stars, clouds, or sleepy critters.

The whole family will want to stay up late coloring in these pages. Whether you prefer coloring a simple design or something much more detailed, we’ve got a coloring page for you. These pages are available for you to download and print at any time. Grab your pillow and your favorite art supplies to get started on these fun coloring pages.