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Naruto Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What is the name of the demon fox sealed inside Naruto?
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Nine-Tails Fox (Kurama)
Who is Naruto's first teacher at the Ninja Academy?
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Iruka Umino
What is the special eye ability of the Uchiha clan called?
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Which character is known for his ability to control sand?
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Who is the Fifth Hokage of Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village)?
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What is the name of Sasuke's brother?
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Itachi Uchiha
What technique does Rock Lee open during his fight with Gaara in the Chunin Exams?
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The Inner Gates
What is the primary fighting style of Hinata Hyuga?
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Gentle Fist
What is the name of the organization seeking to capture all the tailed beasts?
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Cool Facts About Naruto

Naruto's Dream: Naruto Uzumaki, the main character, has a big dream – he wants to become the Hokage, which is like the ninja president of his village.

A Lonely Beginning: Naruto starts off as a lonely boy because he has a powerful fox monster, the Nine-Tails, sealed inside him. This makes the other villagers scared of him.

Special Powers: Naruto has a cool ability to make lots of copies of himself called Shadow Clones. This helps him in fights and to do lots of tasks at once.

Delicious Favorite Food: Naruto loves ramen, especially from the Ichiraku Ramen shop in his village.

A Colorful Headband: He wears a special ninja headband with a symbol on it, showing he's a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village.

His Best Friend and Rival: Sasuke Uchiha is Naruto’s best friend and biggest rival. They start as teammates and have a complicated friendship.

A Special Teacher: His first ninja teacher is Iruka, who's like a big brother to him. Later, he's trained by Jiraiya, one of the legendary ninja.

Growing Stronger: Throughout the story, Naruto grows stronger and learns important lessons about friendship, hard work, and never giving up.

Unique Eyes: There are special eye powers in Naruto’s world, like the Sharingan, which Sasuke and other members of his clan have.

Happy coloring!

And that's it for our Naruto coloring adventure! Whether you've colored Naruto in his classic orange jumpsuit, Sasuke with his cool Sharingan eyes, or Sakura ready for a ninja battle, each page has brought a piece of the exciting ninja world to life. Remember, every color you choose adds a little bit of your own ninja spirit to these pages. We hope you have as much fun coloring as Naruto has eating ramen!