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Robot Quiz

Test your knowledge!

What are the names of the two robot friends in the Star Wars movies?
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R2-D2 and C-3PO
What’s the name of the famous Pixar movie about a lonely robot?
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True or false: we’ve sent robots to Mars.
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Which country has the most robots?
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What’s the name of the popular robot toys that can transform into cars?
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What do you call a robot that looks like a human?
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An android
What do you call a robot so small you need a microscope to see it?
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A nanobot

Facts about Robots

  • Robots are machines that come in all shapes and sizes. They’re built to do simple or complex tasks all on their own.
  • Robots can be built to look like just about anything. In television and movies, there are often robots that look like humans. These are called androids. In real life, though, most robots don’t look anything like humans.
  • Robots do all sorts of jobs for us. There are lots of robots in factories doing work that’s too difficult for humans. We put robots in space and on other planets, like mars, to collect information about places humans can’t go yet. Lots of people even have robots in their homes that vacuum the floors. These different types of robots all look very different from one another.
  • We mostly think of robots as a recent invention, but way back in 1495, Leonardo da Vinci drew up plans for a mechanical robot that looked like a knight.

Get futuristic with these robots

The fun designs of these robot coloring pages will captivate the imaginations of aspiring young scientists. With a variety of robot styles to choose from, all robot enthusiasts will love unleashing their creativity on these pages. Don’t forget that scientists have a creative side too! All you need to do is print your favorite robot designs and get out your favorite art supplies. Then, let your imagination wander as you color in your futuristic friend. Robots can do tons of amazing things, so let that inspire you as you create your next great work of art.