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My Star Name


What couId be more important than your name? In this exciting story full of twists and turns and a little magic, we learn the significance of one’s name. We’ll know how sometimes having a loyal friend by your side is the best thing of all.

Best for ages 3 to 8

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Photo support for your child

Coming on october 2021
  • Add the name of the main hero along with your family name and get ready to be amazed!
  • Choose the looks and special features of the main hero down to every last freckle of your child in our super-easy to use character constructor.
  • Include in the story up to eight family members , not just the parents but siblings and grandparents as well!
  • Enclose family photos and turn the book into a lasting and memorable experience for years to come.
  • Pick a warm and thoughtful dedication from our pre-written options or write your own and we will put it right next to the hero's photo in the front of the book free of charge.
  • Can I Add Photos?
    Yes, You can add photos of your child using our character constructor.
  • We offer the book in both hardcover and softcover so you can choose the most optimal option that is right just for you.
  • Size is a standard A4 format (11.7" x 8.3") - perfect for your child's bookshelf!
  • To preserve the beautiful illustrations each page is printed on matte chalk 170 gr. sq. quality paper with the cover carefully laminated

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