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Smart Story

Best present for your kid

Imaginative. Creative. Personalized children's books!

Create personalized books with your child as the star of their own story. A unique gift that your little one will love and cherish.

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My Star Name

Personalize me

Jungle Mystery

Personalize me

Chasing Christmas

Personalize me

A Single Copy

Every book only exists in one single copy with a unique story about your child

Personalized Book

Using our special technology, the book’s main character matches your child

A lifetime gift

By ordering a book from us, you can add your dedication message to a child, as well as their PHOTO, for a long lasting memory

An extraordinary gift

We easily solve the difficult task of providing an interesting, unusual and useful gift for children

Why personalized books?

Who can resist a story where they’re the hero? Personalized children's books are an exciting experience for kids and will help them fall in love with reading.

Each book is one-of-a-kind and features a main character designed to look like your child. They’ll get sucked into the tale and absorbed in the story’s message when they see their own face on the pages.

A personalized book can help build your kid’s confidence and imagination too. As the star in a thrilling adventure, your child will solve problems, overcome obstacles, and learn to do the right thing. When the story’s done, they’ll feel empowered to do the same in real life.

Plus, it’ll give them a boost in their imaginative play, which is crucial to their development. They’ll be motivated to explore and make new discoveries even outside the pages of their personalized story.

With a personalized dedication and photos of the whole family, it’s a memento to treasure for years to come.

name gift

Book "My Star Name"

What could be more important than your name? In this exciting story full of twists and turns and a little magic, we learn the significance of one’s name. We’ll know how sometimes having a loyal friend by your side is the best thing of all.

Children's photo book
Personalized adventure book

Available now

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christmas gift

Book "Chasing Christmas"

Breaking news from Santa’s Palace! Christmas is officially canceled! The evil elf Grampus has stolen the Christmas book – the source of all magic, and he plans to destroy it! But wait a minute….here is a brave little hero, and suddenly Christmas Land once again has hope.

Children's photo book
Personalized adventure book

Available now

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family gift

Book "Jungle Mystery"

As a result of helicopter's crash, the family of archeologists is propelled into a thick jungle. What will they have to face in their dangerous adventure before they find their way home?..

Children's photo book
Personalized adventure book

Available now

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Personalized children's books from Smart Story

Here at Smart Story, our personalized kids books are inspired by the power of imagination.

A child’s imagination can take them to amazing places. It lets them become anything they can dream up. Today, they might be a princess. Tomorrow, they could be a pirate.

With our personalized children's books, we're inspiring kids to explore their imaginations. We want kids to see all the possibilities of what they could be and do.

A personalized book encourages kids to dive into new experiences and see how special they are. They’ll grow more curious and confident as they imagine their character on all sorts of fantastic adventures.

Personalized books turn your kid into the hero of a completely unique story.

Each book is specifically designed and printed with your kid in mind. All you need to do is customize a few quick features, and then you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind story featuring your child and family.

Our personalization options allow you to edit the features of the main character to look like your child. You’ll customize things like their gender, skin color, hair color, and eye color. You’ll also add their name into the story’s narrative.

Including their name and an illustrated avatar that looks like them absorbs kids into the story. It's a great way to build your child’s love of reading. Plus, they’ll learn important life lessons and take on challenges with confidence. Seeing their avatar do so in the book helps them see what they're capable of.

Beyond customizing your child's avatar, you can also add family members, photos, and a special dedication message to your book.

Personalized books are more than a simple story. They’re an exciting adventure, an opportunity for learning and growth, and a precious keepsake.

Personalized books make an excellent gift for children. Since it’s a completely unique story, you can be sure they’ve never read another book like it. They’ll be delighted to see their own face on the pages.

It’s not just a fun gift either, it’s also good for their development. Seeing themself as the hero in the story engages their imagination and builds their confidence. It also helps turn them into lifelong lovers of reading.

Smart Story offers special personalization options to make each book a special gift. Adding family photos and a dedication message creates a keepsake they'll treasure for years.

Smart Story lets you create a fun, personalized book that stars your child.

The customization process is quick and easy. We offer tons of customization options, so your child will feel like they’re really part of the story.

You’ll add your child’s name to appear throughout the story as the main hero. You’ll also customize the appearance of the main character to look just like them. You can select their gender, skin color, haircut and color, and eye shape and color. If your child wears glasses or has freckles, you can add that too. For an even more personal touch, add a photo of your child to appear within the story.

Smart Story also lets you add the whole family into the story, including parents, grandparents, and siblings. We'll customize your book’s storyline to fit whichever family members you include. You can even add a family photo to truly personalize your child’s story.

The final touch is a custom dedication message. With that, your book becomes a wonderful keepsake for your child to hold on to.

We create and process each special story book with care. Then, we deliver them quickly, so your child can start enjoying their personal adventure story right away.

Personalizing your book is quick and easy. It takes about two minutes to go through our customization process. All you need to do is customize your child’s character and family members, add photos, and pick a dedication.

The first step is to create a main character that looks just like your kid. You’ll input their name and then select their gender, skin color, haircut and color, and eye shape and color. You can also include glasses or freckles.

The next step is to add a photo and a dedication. You can choose to add a photo of your kid to appear throughout the book. You also have the option of writing your own custom dedication or selecting from a variety of pre-written messages. The photo and dedication will appear on the first page of the book for a heartfelt introduction.

The final step is to add additional family members to the story. You can add parents, grandparents, and siblings. The whole family will be part of the adventure! You can also upload a family photo that will appear in the story.

After you’ve made all your customizations, you can view a complete preview of your book. Make sure it all looks perfect before placing your order.

Our personalized books range from $29.99 to $44.99, depending on your order selections.

We get right to work on creating your story once you place your order. We design, print, and bind your book in just 3-5 days. Then, we carefully package each order before shipping it out to you.

You should expect to receive your fully customized book about 11-12 days after placing your order (for US).

Personalized kids books make a wonderful gift for children of all ages. Kids will love reading a fun, engaging story with their name and a hero that looks just like them. Plus, with photos and a personal dedication, they make a memorable and unique keepsake.

With our simple customization process and fast delivery, it’s super simple to create a one-of-a-kind story book.

Free Personalized Coloring Book from Smart Story

Free Personalized Coloring Book from Smart Story

Get a free personalized coloring book from Smart Story and watch your kid’s excitement as they color in their own adventure. Taking part in the story as both the main character and the artist will captivate your kid.

Our personalized coloring book includes 10 beautifully illustrated pages for your child to color. It follows the story of your kid and their mouse pal, Squeak, as they go on an outdoor adventure. Your child will be absorbed for hours coloring in detailed scenes of them fishing, hiking, and playing outside.

Customizing your free coloring book only takes a few seconds. You’ll personalize it with your child’s name, gender, hair style, eye type, and whether they wear glasses. Then, enter your email address, and we’ll send you a PDF with your kid’s specially designed coloring book pages.

With a main character that looks like them, your child will be even more excited to read the story and color in the pages. It’s a unique and fun way for them to explore their imagination and artistic talent.

Get Free To make your experience even more enjoyable, try the coloring pages from our partners at Color4U. Their unique approach ensures that each coloring category page is hand-crafted and prepared with love.

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