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Why do we love coloring pages for kids?

It’s no secret that kids love coloring. They can’t wait to try out different colors, show off their artistic abilities, and create wacky images. What they might not know is that coloring is also really good for their developing brains. It’s a fun way for them to improve their motor skills, increase their focus, and release their boundless creative energy. These are all really important skills to nurture in young children. It’ll help them do better in school and grow into more successful adults. Who knew coloring had so many benefits?

Coloring is also one of the easiest and least expensive ways to fend off boredom. Kids can happily spend hours quietly working away on their next masterpiece. All they need is some paper and art supplies to get started. Plus, lots of parents are concerned about their kids spending too much time in front of TVs, phones, and computer screens these days. Coloring with simple crayons and paper is a great antidote to too much screen time.

We also love that you can get as creative as you like with these pages. Coloring with simple crayons and paper doesn’t ever really get old because you can create something brand new every time. But, if you’re looking to spice things up a little more, we think that’s a great idea too. Try experimenting with paints, glitter, stickers, feathers, or whatever other art supplies you have on hand. It’s totally up to you how you’ll make these coloring pages your own. You can quickly take these simple coloring pages and turn them into incredible works of art.

Fun for the whole family

These coloring pages aren’t just for kids either. The whole family can get involved. There’s no age limit on who can enjoy some quality time coloring. It’s a great way for people of all ages to explore their creativity and take some time to relax. Studies show that adults get just as many benefits from coloring as children do. It can reduce stress, increase mindfulness, improve sleep, and help you focus. Those benefits are nothing to scoff at!

Plus, it doesn’t take any prior experience or skill. We’ve done the hard work for you by creating these cute and fun images. All you need to do is add the color. Bring your imagination and your favorite art supplies, and you’re ready to color.

Sitting down to color with your kids and other family members is a wonderful, relaxing way to bond and spend some quality time together. Even if you don’t end up creating a beautiful masterpiece, you’ll still have a fun and memorable time with your family.

Finally, kids learn by example, so it’s a great idea to show them how to focus and get creative by coloring with them. They’re much more likely to get invested in their coloring project if you’re working along with them.

How does it work?

We offer coloring pages for kids and the rest of the family to enjoy. There are options for all different interests. Choose from exciting rocket ships, futuristic robots, cuddly reindeer, and beloved Strawberry Shortcake. We’ve made it super easy for you to download and print these cute coloring pages right at home. You’ll be ready to get artsy whenever the inspiration strikes.